Acting Career for Beginners; Intro

When I finally decided to work towards becoming a professional actor, I already had a few years of acting classes and performance experience under my belt. I was a choir member and soloist at my church for about 11 years, I had been an active drama club member in high school and a member of the Thespian Honors Society. I had competed in District and State competitions and had been in a few school plays/showcases. I even had a hand in making my first film and a music video in 9th grade (they were absolutely horrible but that is not the point). The point I’m trying to make is that if you have decided to make acting your CAREER then you have to treat it like a career and start studying and get your feet wet.

I know it can be really exciting after attending a workshop or after one class and you feel like you can be star TOMORROW. I have felt that way too many times. It is important to keep your feet on the ground though. So, I have decided to start blogging on how to get started in the acting business. I didn’t do a bad job getting started but sometimes I really wish I could jump back in time and find Giselle and say: “Hey! Don’t you do that!” or “Yo! You BETTER do THAT!” So, instead of jumping back in time to find Giselle…I’m going to jump back in time and write about what I would have done differently and hopefully YOU can benefit from my past experiences.

Get ready! Tips for Actors is hitting the Acting Career for Beginners category NEXT!

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