Advice from a Stuntman: How to look and feel your best

Being camera-ready and having an “always on” mentality is a demanding, and diligent, task.

I have been around some of Hollywood’s leading actors for months at a time, including Chris Hemsworth, Channing Tatum and Christian Bale, so I fully understand the importance of looking good for a job that demands your best at all times.  My advice to you is to always maintain a strict balance between a good exercise, diet and grooming routine.

Exercise.   In order to obtain your goals, you must form a strict regimen all day, every day, in order to keep those goals intact.  With a background in gymnastics, I have always preferred body-weight workouts, circuit and cardio. This is best to maintain a fit and lean physique.  You can throw in the weight training when necessary, here and there, to bulk up certain aspects — arms or legs, extremities —  but for the most part, in order to sustain a lean build; press-ups, chin-ups, body-weight squats, those sorts of things are best.  However, to get a larger build and physique, like Chris Hemsworth in Thor 2: The Dark World, I suggest dedication and working out twice a day, with heavy weights and a lot of protein mixed in with your diet.  Muscle mass is best gained with heavy weights (done right), and consistency.  Try combining traditional body-weight movements with all-out incline sprinting on a treadmill in circuit-training fashion.

Diet.   I say 80% of the battle is nutrition, and balancing the right food groups.  Make sure you eat regular portions throughout the day, every two hours, balancing high protein, good carbohydrates and good fats.  For instance, start with something like grilled chicken, turkey or tuna with boiled eggs, some broccoli and a handful of nuts; and be sure to eliminate any carbohydrates for the first part of the day.  Swap out coffee for some iced green tea to top it off, to maintain hydration.

Grooming.   Grooming is quintessential for actors.  With all of the makeup, prosthetics, wigs and costumes you deal with on a daily basis, for long 12-hour film days, you need to ensure you are taking care of your skin.  Dove Men+Care offers a full-line of products that care for your skin, face and hair – which makes it easy to fit it all into a proper grooming routine.  I start my day with the Dove Men+Care Fresh Awake antiperspirant, which keeps me dry for 48 hours.  For the best way to keep moisturized after taking off your makeup, use the Extra Fresh Body & Face Bar, which has moisture built-in, and finish with a moisturizing lotion for your face like the Hydrate+ Face Lotion.   I also always suggest the Thickening Shampoo, for those actors dealing with wigs on set, because it’s proven to make hair 3x stronger!

Bobby Holland Hanton is a 30 year old Stuntman who has been doing stunts in movies since the beginning of 2008.  Bobby has executed stunt work in 26 movies and counting.  Bobby is currently working on the Avengers: Age of Ultron, doubling both Captain America and Thor.  Prior to that, he was stunt double on Academy Award-winning Director and Producer Ron Howard’s new picture, In the Heart of the Sea starring Chris Hemsworth and Jupiter Ascending starring Channing Tatum.  He has also performed in such blockbuster action movies as The Dark Knight Rises, Quantum of Solace and the four-time Oscar-winning film Inception, to name but a few.  Bobby has been a Dove Men+Care spokesperson since 2012.

Written by: Bobby Holland Hanton 

Edited by: J.D. Koumendakis

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