Hey everybody!  Welcome to Tips For Actors!

So, I wanted to share what this blog is going to be about.  It’s pretty much going to be about everything and anything related to actors.  I will not be writing in any particular order, so, one entry can be about how to become an extra/ background actor and the next topic could be about acting classes or networking.

Although I will have have an entry on how to get started for newbies, I would really like seasoned actors and non actors to benefit from my blog as well.  I will take your comments and requests into account, so, if you want me to write about something in particular then just shoot me an email here:

The site is still being tweaked so it’s appearance may change in the future.

With that said, happy reading everyone and lets fill this jar full of Tips For Actors!

All the best,


Giselle Marie

Giselle Marie Founder & Contributor Website     Facebook     YouTube     IMDb Independent film producer and actress, Giselle Marie, is a first-generation American born and raised in Miami, FL. Though Giselle was part of a very extensive and loud Cuban family, she was very shy as a child — but that did not stop her from performing in …

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J.D. Koumendakis

J.D. Koumendakis Writer & Editor   IMDb     Website J.D. Koumendakis spent her childhood in her family-owned video store in Miami, where it was easy to be enraptured by cinema.  By her early teens, J.D. was writing screenplays, creating makeup and costumes, and dabbling with her parents home video camera.  At 17, she produced, shot & …

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