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Interview with Luis Da Silva Jr.

Wondering if you should get a tattoo, but worried it may hinder you from booking acting gigs?  We have a wonderful interview with Luis Da Silva Jr., a talented actor whose tattoo’s only make him more unique in the ever competitive Hollywood industry!  This interview has some great tips from getting tattoo’s to why stunt performing could give you a career boost!  Thanks again to Read More →

Tips from the Camera Department

Having an understanding about what other departments do on a set is extremely important for an actor. It makes us more aware of the bigger picture and gives us the means to be part of the greater whole of the production itself.  Focusing on your acting is your most important job, but understanding a few camera lenses and knowing your marks will give you a wealth Read More →

Publicity Tips from a Pro!

As actors, picking our representation is as important as honing our craft.  Having both professional skill and professional agents and managers can make your success, but what about having a publicist?  PR is probably one the least talked about things amongst budding actors.  Here we have an exclusive interview with Jasmin Espada from Espada PR, where she gives us great info and advice about PR Read More →

Desolation, CA – The Web Series

I’m sure by now everyone I know has watched Stranger Things, and maybe like me, has been searching the web for more upcoming shows like it. I at least, am hungry for more and I don’t want to wait a whole year for Season 2. I was recently given some hope by writer/director, and friend, Karyn Ben Singer. Karyn is currently in development of a Read More →

How to Build a Dolly

When making indie films out of your own pocket, you want to spend as little as possible on equipment.  However, sacrificing equipment can really make you miss out on some high quality shots.  The trick is to try to find a middle ground between spending less and putting aside some money for some quality shots to add production value to your film. A classic piece Read More →

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