How to Build a Dolly

When making indie films out of your own pocket, you want to spend as little as possible on equipment.  However, sacrificing equipment can really make you miss out on some high quality shots.  The trick is to try to find a middle ground between spending less and putting aside some money for some quality shots […]

Interview with Camille L. Cortés López

My name is Camille L. Cortés-López, originally from Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and I currently work as Business Production and Development Manager for Moras Productions, Inc. My past experience in the industry includes script supervisor, associate producer, production manager, actor, writer, personal assistant and production assistant. I have also worked in the hair/makeup and wardrobe department. […]

Indie Talk with Omar Mora

This week on Tips For Actors we are featuring yet another self-producer extraordinaire, Omar Mora!  Get inspired and read about his incredible progress below! My name is Omar Mora and I am the founder of Moras Productions, Inc. My work includes actor, producer, writer and medical doctor as well. I am originally from Arecibo, Puerto […]